Trixie Natura Flat Roof Dog Kennel, Large, 104 ラ 72 ラ 68 cm


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Product Description

– Size L (Size Chow Chow).
– Measures:
· Width: 104 cm.
· Height: 72 cm.
· Deep: 68 cm.
– Pine wood veneer.
– Waterproof roof with mineral Road coverage.
– Hinges in the ceiling.
– Legs adjustable in height for a secure stand.
– Legs progeten of cold and wet the floor and provide good air circulation beneath.
This kennel Natura account with adjustable plastic feet in height. Thanks to them, the kennel stays in high and its interior is better protected against the cold and the soil moisture; furthermore, ensures a good circlación and ventilation of air.
IMPORTANT: The Hut Of Your Dog must not be too big for that it can maintain a constant warm environment. If the kennel is too large your dog can be cooled with ease. In cold climates, we recommend the placement of an insulating cover for that your dog can feel even more comfortable in your shed.


  • With weatherproof finish
  • Hinged flat roof with composite shingles opens from the top
  • Adjustable hard plastic feet
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